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COVID-19 Community Commitment


COVID-19 Community Commitment

Every one of us has the responsibility to act in ways that reduce the potential spread of COVID-19. As a student, you can do your part to keep our community healthy and safe by taking the University of Rochester COVID-19 Commitment. Show your support for the #URCommitment and help spread the word on social media with these downloadable graphics.

Masked students at the University of Rochester check-in to begin the move in process.

Make the commitment

As students at the University of Rochester, we recognize that COVID-19 places extraordinary responsibilities on all of us. Embedded in our University motto, Meliora, are the values that guide our interactions with one another: Equity, Leadership, Integrity, Openness, Respect, and Accountability. Those values guide us in our continued response to COVID-19.

Despite the measures put in place to promote our health and safety, neither the University of Rochester, nor any institution, can fully guarantee our protection from the virus.

Every one of us has the responsibility to act in ways that reduce its potential spread. We agree to this Commitment, which is based on directives from New York State and from public health experts, including those at our nationally distinguished Medical Center.

As a student, I will . . . 

  • I understand that the University has adopted requirements, informed by the best available evidence at this time, to protect the health of our community, including all students, faculty members, and staff living and working on our campuses.

  • I know that the University is an integral part of a larger metropolitan community. I will follow any city or county directives and will act in ways that respect the health and well being of our neighbors in the City of Rochester and surrounding area.

  • I understand that requirements may change according to new evidence and circumstances.

  • I am committed to my own health and safety, the health and safety of the University community, and our broader Rochester community.

  • I understand that if I decide not to follow requirements, it may affect my ability to continue to live or study on campus, or to use other resources on our campuses.

I agree to take the following actions if I . . . 

Am going to be on campus or in a University building:

I will use the Dr. Chat Bot app to complete the mandatory online health screening. I will answer truthfully, knowing that the University’s interest in this information is for the protection of my health and the health of the community.

Have symptoms of COVID-19:

I will immediately contact University Health Service and comply with all instructions that I am given.

Am exposed to someone with COVID-19:

I will comply with quarantine protocols.

Test positive for COVID-19:

I will comply with the University’s as well as New York State’s public health and isolation directives.


I understand that access to on-campus facilities and University Housing is a privilege that may be revoked if I am unwilling to abide by this Commitment or any measure implemented to minimize the spread of Covid-19 in our community.

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